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Helium Hard Disk Benefits

Author: promotebusiness
Category: Computers & Internet

Recently Helium hard disks have been launched and it is claimed that they are beneficial in terms of more storage and less consumption of power. The theory behind putting Helium inside hard disk is that Helium is less dense. This low density results in less friction inside hard disk which means that there will be less vibration and power loss inside the hard disk.

The low density of Helium saves energy and this helps in saving energy as the result of low power needed to revolve hard disk spindle. HGST have recently announced Helium hard disks and if the technology looks promising more manufacturer’s are expected to launch their version of Helium hard disks which may revolutionize the storage industry by low cost hard disks producing less heat and requiring less power than the traditional hard disks.

There were some safety issues as Helium is thought to be harmful for human beings but these issues have been addressed as the Hard disks are sealed properly and there is very little chance that the gas would leak resulting in a bad incident.